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More About This Title HeartStar


HeartStar is a powerful and illuminating metaphysical journey with themes that transcend our physical world. The forces of darkness are pitched against Emma Cameron, a spirit of the element of Air that has taken human form. Emma, however, is unaware of her ability to access other dimensions of time and space, for the moon conspired with the enemy and stole her cosmic memory at birth. Under the watchful eye of the mysterious Trevelyan, her journey of spiritual awakening encompasses great perils and tests, exposing the fragilities of her human mind. Will she re-discover her memory in time to save the Earth and all green and growing things? Or will her human fears, doubts and desires, sacrifice her to the darkness, and condemn the world to death?


ELVA THOMPSON was born in England 1947. She has been living in rural South Dakota for the past twenty-six years. Her interests are ancient phonetic languages, sacred geometry, sonic sound, and their application in the healing arts.

Exhibited At: International book fairs