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More About This Title PARAMEDIC: M.O.S.


While a profound and much deserved amount of attention has always been directed towards the firefighters and police officers who were affected by the events of September 11, 2001; seldom has there been any attention provided to the often unrecognized rescuer who bears the title of Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic who suffered equal consequences. These very special people have routinely been referred too simply as ?emergency workers? or ?ambulance drivers?, rather than by the title they continuously demonstrate by the nature of their very trying profession. M. O. S.: Member of the Service, pulled from his EMS experiences, was assembled to provide deeper insight into the mind of one such New York City 9-1-1 Emergency Medical Technician/Paramedic; and is dedicated to all emergency service workers and first responders. Inspired by true events pre-September 11th, a Paramedic of NYC EMS finds his world suddenly turned upside down by a series of in-the-line-of-duty events. In an effort to understand what brought him there, he begins reconnecting the events in his work and personal life that created this unforeseen scenario. Facing daily crises and how they apply to how he entered this line of work, readers are also shown the closeness which is felt and experienced working in such close proximity to those who face death and destruction together as a team daily. Comforted and kept together by his female mate, readers are taken through the sometimes playing field and often minefield of emergency medical services in New York City; and what it means to be a Member of the Service. M.O.S. - Member of the Service is a profound and deeply personal look into the experiences on the front lines of Emergency Medical Services in New York City. EMT?s and Paramedics not only experience the highs and low?s of constant exposure to psychologically traumatic events; but in addition, to the constant intensity of patients revived or lost due to these events. Furthermore, EMT?s and Paramedics are also forced to deal with co-workers who are sometimes ineffective, self-serving, uncaring, as well as bureaucratic red tape, politics and often person tragedy within their own fraternal public safety family. These incidents rarely if ever get reported in the general media. This book was created to share the human condition of 911 EMTs and Paramedics, their camaraderie, bravery and skill. Although September 11, 2001, claimed at least eight precious lives of these specialized rescuers, not even this was enough to direct attention toward the New York City Emergency Technicians and Paramedics who lost their lives daily or were permanently scarred in the line of duty. The title of ?Hero? for those that have died and those that are out there every day risking their lives to save others, existed long before September 10th changed calendar days. This book is an offering to share that view.


C. B. Garris is an EMS Paramedic/First Responder, Firefighter and Emergency Management Specialist; and a former member of NYC EMS {the New York City Emergency Medical Service; now entitled FDNY-EMS}. A New York City native, he served as an Assistant Watch Commander/Senior Emergency Management Specialist and Operations Resource Coordinator in the
9-1-1 Command and Control Division, coordinating tactical operations. He was the EMS logistical resource coordinator for the original terrorist bombing attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, an Instructor of Emergency Medicine at the UCLA Medical Center/Center for Prehospital Care, an Emergency Management/Dive Rescue Coordinator to the motion picture industry, and is a clinical regulatory/biomedical specialist in emergency medicine, tactical/urban combat medicine and advanced resuscitation.

C.B. is a huge fan of animals and animal rights advocacy/protection. C. B. asks that if at all possible, please adopt a pet from your local shelter and give them a forever home.

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