Eternal Weight of Glory
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St. Paul is speaking to the Corinthians when he encourages them to remain patient in the midst of their persecutions and sufferings. He tells the Corinthians that it is for no purpose that God is allowing these trials to overtake them. It is almost like St. Paul has already seen his eternal crown awaiting him in heaven, since he reflects this same confidence he has towards the sufferings the Corinthians are suffering. He uses the term “momentary light affliction, in order to give perspective t


Eternal Weight of Glory
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Ch. 1: In the Hands of God
Ch. 2: Accepting the Truth
Ch. 3: Loving Justice
Ch. 4: The Proof
Ch. 5: The Spirit of Discipline
Ch. 6: Forming Community
Ch. 7: Living Bread
Ch. 8: Against Judging Others
Ch. 9: On Bearing Persecution
Ch. 10: An Eternal Weight of Glory