Intersection (Heaven & Earth)
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Intersection (Heaven & Earth) is about the paths we take to God daily in our lives. We are all striving to abide in Christ, to bear fruit and endure in Christ, yet we are always challenged to remain on the vine which is our head. He promises us daily new blessings and a land flowing with milk and honey, but often we find ourselves experiencing a valley of tears or a desert full of sand and spiritual mirages. You may even allow yourself to begin to doubt your relationship with Jesus Chri


INTERSECTION (Heaven & Earth)
About the Author
Ch. 1: Abiding in Christ
Ch. 2: Bearing Fruit in Christ
Ch. 3: Enduring in Christ
Ch. 4: Remain in Me
Ch. 5: I am the Vine
Ch. 6: The Vine
Ch. 7: His Blessing, Our Hope
Ch. 8: Opening Abraham's Eyes
Ch. 9: God Sees Our Needs
Ch. 10: The Gift
Ch. 11: Receiving God
Ch. 12: Giving is Receiving
Ch. 13: This is eternal life
Ch. 14: Holiness
Ch. 15: Guileless Spirit of Jesus
Ch. 16: Prayer
Ch. 17: For in her is a spirit...(Wis. 7:22)
Ch. 18: Sensitivity
Ch. 19: Stable Love
Ch. 20: A Life Experience
Ch. 21: Expectant Longing
Ch. 22: Decreasing before Him
Ch. 23: God Cares For You
Ch. 24: The Healing Power of Faith
Ch. 25: Perfect Love
Ch. 26: Spiritual Food and Drink
Ch. 27: A New Covenant
Ch. 28: Straining Forward
Ch. 29: Believe
Ch. 30: Waiting!
Ch. 31: The Spiritual Senses
Ch. 32: God Transforms Us
Ch. 33: Examples of Prayer
Ch. 34: Eternal Love
Ch. 35: Eternal Light!
Ch. 36: Knowledge of Truth
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