The Inciting Incident
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Introduction In this introduction to the inciting incident, the catalyst, or hook, which takes place in the first act of your screenplay or story . I often refer to several pros whose names are well-known to guide you in understanding the widest interpretations possible to the catalyst event. Among them are Dan Calvisi, Todd Klick, Neil Landau, Ellen Sandler, Jeffrey Schechter, Blake Snyder, David Trottier, John Truby and others. Incite To incite is to encourage and to push forward. (Unknown, 20


The Inciting Incident
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Ch. 1: Disturbances and Dangers
Ch. 2: Upsets and Offsets
Ch. 3: Taking a Risk
Ch. 4: "Oh"
Ch. 5: Emotionally Involved
Ch. 6: World Explodes
Ch. 7: The Catalyst
Ch. 8: Connecting Need and Desire
Ch. 9: Incite
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