Essentials of Storytelling
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Preface The importance of this collection is that it places three essential storytelling principles under one cover: the dramatic principle (code) found in every human psychology, weakness and need as seen and understood by its character developmental schema; lastly, the catalyst, which is better or more widely known as the inciting incident. Both your hero as well as what their drive is come into clear focus when they are placed within the notion of their entire developmental process, from psyc


Essentials of Storytelling
About the Author
Volume I: Drama and Its Code
Ch. 1: A Form of Communication
Ch. 2: Framing Human Change
Ch. 3: Code of Maturity
Ch. 4: Defining the Dramatic Code
Ch. 5: Story Structure
Volume II: Weakness & Need
Ch. 1: Weakness Defined
Ch. 2: Inner and Outer Weakness
Ch. 3: Awareness?
Ch. 4: Need
Ch. 5: Hero: Self & Others
Volume III: The Catalyst
Ch. 1: Disturbances and Dangers
Ch. 2: Upsets and Offsets
Ch. 3: Taking a Risk
Ch. 4: "Oh"
Ch. 5: Emotionally Involved
Ch. 6: World Explodes
Ch. 7: The Catalyst
Ch. 8: Connecting Need and Desire
Ch. 9: Incite
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