Retreat Alone With God
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Preface Many times it is difficult to capture in words WHAT THE HEART Seeks to Express. Yes, it is such when friends speak to one another. How much more difficult is it to capture the 'WORDS' of the heart, that are many times layered with worldliness accumulated over years, yet desiring to soar aloft on the wings of faith. The biblical authors and prophets, testified by the Son of God Himself, says that the heart is a difficult instrument to tune. When we come to face God alone in prayer we face


Retreat: Alone With God
About the Author
Ch. 1: God of Faith
Ch. 2: God of the Universe
Ch. 3: God of My Soul
Ch. 4: God of My Expressing
Ch. 5: God of My Growing
Ch. 6: God of Truth
Ch. 7: God of My Thirsting
Ch. 8: God of My Relationships
Ch. 9: God of Mystery
Ch. 10: Centered in the Word
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