Expressions to Share
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Expression to Share is a collection of heartfelt poems about real-life encounters. Written by a former semi-truck driver, Expressions to Share incorporates ideas from all walks of life, whether that is about life, love, and family or perhaps the newest landscape scene on the beautiful horizon. Still some were dedicated to people as other drivers asked to have a poem written for their wife or girlfriend. With a collection of over eighty poems and sonnets, Expressions to Share offers genuine love for the life given to us. Speaking through beauty and wishes, through emotions and feelings, Expressions to Share will speak to you as if someone is right there telling you the background story.


George W. Johnson is a retired truck driver who now continues to build semi trucks in his woodworking business. Working as a truck driver from 1963 to 1985 and also from 1988 to 1993, George wrote many of these poems after long hours on the road. He was encouraged by Pastor Charles Jacobson; George Dalton, the editor of Cannon Falls Beacon; and Helen Duff from the Dakota County Tribune in Rosemont, Minnesota, to publish this book. George lives in Corsica, South Dakota, along with his wife, Jolene. Publishing a book has always been a dream of George?s, so Expressions to Share is an accomplishment. He is currently working on another book to publish.

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