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I love my God, family and country. But you will find in this work that I also love friends made over the past 70 years, having been an auditor, and athletic competitor.. As an auditor, I needed to determine the condition, cause and effect of an item being examined. The same concept pertains to life in general. The main condition in family life is the marriage. The cause is how this marriage came about. The effects are the children, grandchildren, and later descendants. I believe causes for good long lasting marriages are meant to be. In 1950, if Clark Wood had not asked me to come to Louisville to play football and Nancy?s grandfather had not asked Nancy to come to Louisville to school and keep house for him, I doubt that we would have ever met and had the four children and seven grandchildren that are the joys of our lives. The same can be said of my parents because the railroad hired my Mom to be a ticket agent and she met my Dad when he audited her accounts...


Bill Lively was born in Louisville, Ky , and raised at Herrington Lake. He attended the University of Louisville, played football, and married Nancy Dorsey...For 30 years he was a Federal Auditor in the U. S. Air Force and Dept. of Agriculture .. Now residing in Louisville, he may be reached at [email protected].

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