Who is your Mother?
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This is a question that many of us will never ask ourselves. Because of the strong bond between a mother and her child, there is perhaps no need to ponder over such a question. But who really is your mother? Pastor Braz Bakka of Shepherd?s Voice Ministries in United Kingdom, invites you to look at the lives of some of the women who changed the destiny of their children forever. Our Mothers play a very important role and their lives either affect us or infl uence us in very many ways, some positive and others negative. It is therefore important to know exactly who your mother is. Unlock your potential through divinely inspired prayers and learn how you can break free from the curses of your mother and live a prosperous and blessed life in Christ Jesus.


Pastor Braz Bakka, is the senior Pastor of Shepherd?s Voice Ministries. He is a Ugandan who lived in Kenya for 15years and that is where he met Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. He was inspired and persuaded by his wife Florence Jolly Bakka. When he came to England in 1995, God led him to begin night prayer meetings, which were started together with Lady Bahati from Malawi/Tanzania and this lasted for 7years. Every day, the congregation met with more than 200 people praying from 3:00am to 6:00am every morning. This night prayer meetings are still continuing to date and hence the meeting became known as the ?3AM? service. Pastor Bakka; ?I have seen the son of the living God doing great miracles. Yes, I am still waiting to see everyone rejoicing in the unfailing love of our Lord Jesus Christ. If we are not faithful he remains faithful to us. What a Mighty God we serve.? May all Glory and Honour and Power be unto the King of Kings in Jesus Name.

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