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The idea to write the book, Inferiority Complex did not just come out of the blues. Since I came across the statement that ?a child is born without character or personality? there is not a time that the statement has a greater influence on me than when I started out to write this book. This is because, I could not have found a better opportunity to understudy a divergent group of people than I found in my capacity as the then Supervisory Councillor for Health and Medical Services of Ilesa East Local Government Council, in Osun State of Nigeria. Be that as it may, I should just briefly state here that this five-chapter book has taken cognizance of psychological, physiological, sociological, physical, genetic, mystical, religious, societal, and environmental factors on the emergence or otherwise of inferiority complex in individuals, and the inevitable effects it brings to bear on the development and well-being of society and its prevention or remedial precautions as applicable.


After the completion of his elementary education which coincided with the death of his father, and his secondary education sponsored by his mother, Lanre entered the employment career while continuing his further studies as part-time and extra-mural student for his GCE A Level and working first as Hospital Medical Record Assistant and later as Secondary Modern School Teacher. While studying for Institute of Marketing exams, he had an in-house sales training as Retail Salesman/Assistant Sectional Head at the Electrical/Electronics and Power products Section of the Leventis Department Stores. In order to have time to study, he moved on to civil service appointment at the Organisation and Methods unit of the Admin. Dept. of the Nigeria?s National Electric Power Authority. This latest move made a change of profession direction incumbent and this eventually led to his affiliation with the Institute of Management Services of London in 1985. Due to the composite nature of the Management Services training module, Lanre naturally became a toast of many Company CEOs who desirous of effecting changes in their firms, hence he was able to change jobs at will. Such opportunity provided him the enabling environment and circumstances to be exposed to multi-various situations for high-level operational and managerial decision-making in marketing, research, public relations, advertising, construction, finance and administrative fields at the capacity of Northern Area Manager Group Administrative Manager and later as Assistant General Manager before joining politics. His first appointment in to political office was as Supervisory Councillor for Health and Medical Services and concurrently supervising the Local Government finances and Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). At party level he was elected as State Secretary, then as the South West Nigeria Zonal Secretary, and later as National Secretary of the NGO that was strategically created at of the party. All these have contributed to earn him the experience and qualification to write on matters of public interest to enhance the enlightenment of people and for the development and progress of the world.

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