A Sharecropper's Son
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This is the story of Ted (Roosevelt) Sullen, a Sharecroppers Son. In the story of his life and upbringing, you learn that real American spirit comes in all packages. He overcame his tough upbringing in the rural south only to endure the horrors of Vietnam but never let any of it dampen his internal light. This book teaches you that there are Heroes walking among us every day, if we just take the time to look. ?A touching and heartfelt story of a man who overcame many obstacles but didn?t see it that way. He kept moving forward with his entire heart and lived life to the fullest! I loved this story! I am going to share this story with my four children because I want them to know how life was for some and how they can overcome anything in life and still succeed!? Michelle Glover Author of ?Hot Button Motivation? ?A Sharecroppers Son is a celebration of enormous fortitude not only for Ted, but for the Author as well. Enlightening, poignant and compelling, Ted?s personal story of perseverance, touched my heart and reminded me why this life is worth living. He is an amazing man and a true champion, with a wonderful story to tell. Not only did this book capture my heart, but it will capture yours.? Cynthia Sharp Author of ?P.S. You are Loved? "Ted's is a beautiful, amazing life story. As much as I enjoyed the process, I turned each page with more and more inspiration drawn from his passion and compassion. He epitomizes selflessness. Right from the first chapter he looks beyond his circumstances with both inner-peace and strength." Cynthia Askew Editor


Shirleen Von Hoffmann is President & Sales Coach of HBA-Home Builder?s AdvantEdge. Shirleen is an accomplished Sales Coach, Speaker and Author. She also founded and is President of a non profit cancer foundation that supports and cares for cancer patients in need called, ?Calling all Angels?. A Sharecropper?s Son is her third book and first attempt as a ?ghostwriter? on a project. In her first book, The Journey Home A true story of life, love, illness, passage and healing, Shirleen tells the heartbreaking true story of losing her mother to cancer. It is a story of a woman who is full of life and in the prime of life and then suddenly and without warning is diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. The narrative unfolds as she makes the difficult transition from vibrant life to end-of-life. This story is about walking alongside someone you love and providing the support and care they need to find peace and comfort with life before death and with death itself. In Shirleen?s second book, ?Secrets of Top Producers? - A New Way of Selling for New Home Professionals, Shirleen teaches Sales Agents new techniques to become Top Producing New Home Sales Professionals with her no nonsense, sales skills. Shirleen also writes sales articles for her blog ?the Queen of Sales?, NAHB?s Sales and Marketing Idea?s Magazine, NAHB-NCMC?s National Sales and Marketing Channel and many other builder industry trade magazines. Shirleen is 50 years old and resides in Northern California and part time in Mazatlan Mexico. She can be reached at [email protected] Her websites are: http://www.shirleenvonhoffmann.com http://www.journeyhomebook.com http://www.topproducersecretsbook.com

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