Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science
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More About This Title Assessing and Measuring Caring in Nursing and Health Science


Dr. Watson and her colleagues have gathered all the available measurement instruments on caring in nursing in this book, along with discussion of their origins, development, and use. Nurse clinicians, educators, researchers, and managers will find this a valuable resource.Foreword, O. Strickland Preface Part I: Overview IntroductionCaring and Nursing Science: Contemporary Discourse Background for Selection of Caring Instruments, J. Watson and J. Zuk Part II: Summary of Each Instrument for Measuring Caring Care Q and CARE/SAT Caring Behavior Inventory Caring Behavior Assessment Caring Behavior of Nurses Scale Professional Caring Behavior Nyberg Caring Attributes Scale Caring Ability Inventory Client Perception of Caring Scale Caring Assessment Tools Peer Group Caring Interaction Scale & Organizational Caring Climate Questionnaire Caring Efficacy Scale Holistic Caring Inventory Caring Dimension Inventory Caring Attributes Professional Self-Concept Technological Influence Caring Professional Scale Methodist Health Care System Nurse Caring Instrument Part III: Challenges and Future Directions The Evolution of Measuring Caring: Moving Toward Construct Validity, C. Coates Postscript -- Free Thoughts on Caring Theories and Instruments for Measuring Caring, J. Watson References Appendix: Master Matrix Blueprint for All Instruments for Measuring Caring