Hildegard Peplau
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Hildegard Peplau's 50-year career in nursing left an indelible stamp on the profession of nursing, and on the lives of the mentally ill in this country. She wore many hats -- founder of modern psychiatric nursing, innovative educator, advocate for the mentally ill, proponent of advanced education for nurses, Executive Director and then President of the American Nurses Association, and prolific author. She raised her daughter as a single parent while pursuing an ambitious professional path. Her determined manner often aroused controversy which never deterred her commitment to advancing the nursing profession.ForewordAuthor's Note
Introduction: A Life of Significance
An American Childhood Becoming a Nurse A Nurse Goes to College World War II: Coming Into Her Own Transitions Graduate Studies and Motherhood Too Teachers College: Beginning a Career Academic Nightmare: A Career in Crisis Rutgers: "A Formidable Woman" Summers on the Road Rutgers: The Traveling Years Vision of a Profession ANA: The Professional Challenge ANA: The Professional Nightmare Retirement: "Psychiatric Nurse of the Century" Conclusion: "Well Done" Selected Publications of Hildegard Peplau