Religious Organizations in Community Services
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More About This Title Religious Organizations in Community Services


This book explores the scope and breadth of religious organizations in social work practice. It begins by tracing the origins of the social work profession back to the earliest civilizations and their religious traditions, establishing the precedent for a fruitful commingling of religion and social welfare. The contributors propose that religious/faith organizations can assume responsibilities for social welfare in the 21st century, using the Korean Church as one example of an effective provider of social services. A 12-step model for religious organizations to use to develop community action programs is also presented.Part I: The Historical Role of Faith Organizations and Religion Religious Foundations of Charity, T. Cascio Part II: The Contemporary Role of Religious Organizations American Congregations and their Social Programs, T. Wolfer and M. Sherr Religiosity and Spirituality in Social Work: A Retrospective and Contemporary Analysis, L. Ortiz Spirituality and the Life Cycle, I. Nathanson Health, Spirituality and Healing, C. Corely Mental Health and Religion, J. Belcher Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Education, L. Ginsberg Sectarian Organizations Serving Civic Purposes, N. Langer Part III: New Models for the 21st CenturyThe Role of the Korean Church as a Social Service Provider, G. Choi The Faith-Based Community Action Model, T. Tirritochapter