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More About This Title Valentina


Valentina is the story of the life of my Russian mother-in-law, raised in the Russian imperial capital of Saint Petersburg. As a daughter of a Russian Orthodox priest, Valentina experienced danger during the Russian revolution and the civil war. She leaves her native land Russia, settled down in Yugoslavia. Thirty years later, she fled Yugoslavia too for the free world Canada and lived in the Pacific island of Hawaii for ten years.


Emiko Lyovin was born in 1941 in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Sophia University, she married Valentina?s youngest son, Anatole Lyovin, who taught linguistics at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Just before he retired, Anatole was ordained as a Russian Orthodox priest. After twenty-eight years of teaching Japanese at Hawaii?s prestigious private institution Punahou School, Emiko retired. She lives in Honolulu and now serves as Father Anatole?s matushka at his church in Honolulu.

Exhibited At: International book fairs