Middle Range Theory for Nursing
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The eight middle-range theories described in this work focus on different aspects of caring in the human health experience, with relevance to nursing. Each theory is presented in the same manner, including the purpose of the theory, foundational literature, key concepts, and use of the theory in nursing research and practice. A ladder concept is used throughout to illustrate movement from the more abstract to the more specific. A final chapter discusses evaluation of middle-range theory in general.Introduction Theories of Uncertainty in Illness, M. Mishel and M. Clayton The Theory of Self-Efficacy, B. Resnick The Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms, E. Lenz and L. Pugh The Theory of Family Stress and Adaptation Theory, G. LoBiondo-Wood The Theory of Community Empowerment, C. A. Persily and E. Hildebrandt The Theory of Meaning, P. Starck The Theory of Self-Transcendence, P. Reed The Theory of Attentively Embracing Story, M.J. Smith and P. Liehr Evaluation of Middle Range Theories for the Discipline of Nursing, M. Smith Appendix: Ladders of Abstraction