Inside Out - Final Conflict
A way is found to end all war and imperialistic aggression
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The Castleway campus was a safe haven existing inside of a world that had exploded with madness, imperialism, nation building and bitter aggression. The children enrolled in our various academies were destined to become the future guardians of our constitution and individual liberties. Parents entrusted their children to our care on the promise of a quality education in as safe and secure campus environment. With the technologies Ann and I had developed over the years, we had the ability to remain safe from hostile aggression and neither Ann nor I feared using our capabilities to ensure the continued security of our campus and the safety of our students.


James A. Gauthier is a lawyer concerned with the direction of American politics. The lack of clarity and accountability has led to world aggression, imperialism and hatred. America's enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us. Evil empires arise when good countries do nothing. Ultimately, the evil reaches our shores and must be stopped.



The united States suffers from an economic depression not seen since the 1930's, but that's only a small part of it. All the major countries have stockpiled nuclear weapons and are ready to use them against their neighbors. Ann and her daughters race against the clock to build a program, called Destiny, that can monitor and take control of military technology and weapons. Gauthier paints a creative picture of what America could look like in the near future at the hands of a neglectful government. Overall, this book will appeal to those who enjoy a dystopian read set in the near future.