Walking the Stones of Time
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More About This Title Walking the Stones of Time


This is a fantasy of time that might have been long before recorded history was written of people who existed and left their signs of being here, not only on the strange standing stones we pass daily without seeing them, but also in the customs and the way they lived. As they lived, we live, trying to avoid some of the same scourges of society, such as human trafficking and the enslavement of the unfortunates in our world. It is a love story of an awkward young man and an equally awkward young woman, who, despite their lack of social skills, forged a love that was stronger than all of their inadequacies. A love that was immediate, romantic, and compelling, even overcoming the torture of her soul. It is a story of treachery overcome by the most unlikely means by the resolve, courage, and fidelity of one man and twenty young women, the team, against overwhelming odds. Indeed, it is the story of the perfidy of men and the fidelity of women. Today in our own time, we learn almost every day of young girls being kidnapped to satisfy the appetites of the human traffickers of our modern world, sold as slaves into the sex trade?s ferocious needs and appetites for younger and younger girls. Even now in our somewhat-enlightened world, organizations exist to prevent the sale of young six-year-old girls being sold to work in the sweatshops of some Eastern manufacturers so that unscrupulous merchants can enjoy greater profits. I cannot wield Rahana?s club. Is the pen mightier than the club? Perfidy or fidelity? That is the question this story is asking you.


I was born five years before the Second World War started and experienced some of the fear and hardships associated with these times. At eleven years of age, I was fortunate to have a history teacher, a Mr. Lund, who took us out to the many castles and great towers in the Wee County in Scotland. He taught us to look at how these buildings were designed to protect their inhabitants with our ?inward eye? so we could imagine how they lived. This was a rare gift he gave us, one that I have been able to use, not just for the times of recorded history but also for the times that are not, where only the geography remains.

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