Anger and Beyond
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Anger and Beyond is the story of one man?s fight within himself. Richard?an excellent detective, a likeable guy, but recently always so angry. A drink helps, or does it? The end of his relationship and police career. A bleak interlude for himself and ex-partner Gerry, who, in running away from their relationship, finds herself in terrible danger. A moment of reflection on a park bench leads to a surprise opportunity, and a new successful period in Richard?s life begins. Big Bob McAllister and Richard Morgan seem an unlikely pair; however, they complement each other?s strengths and work well together. Their first client, a successful and charismatic nightclub businessman, receives death threats. Then members of his family are kidnapped, or are they? Richard and Bob are congratulating each other on bringing their first investigation to a successful conclusion when their client is arrested on suspicion of murder. In clearing their client?s name, the investigation takes Richard to the French Alps and Northern Spain as he seeks to discover the real killer. What he uncovers will rock his client?s family and expose their secret lives.


Carol trained as a designer at St Martin?s School of Art in London. Marriage, divorce, and children meant hungry mouths, demanding that she found a ?proper job?, so back to college, where she achieved a diploma in management studies and enjoyed a long career as a management development consultant and trainer in the UK and Eastern Europe. She now commutes between the UK and rural south-west France and employs a full lifetime?s experience in her passion for writing.

Exhibited At: International book fairs