Inside Out: New Beginnings
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Patriots or anarchist? Jeff (19) and Ann (18) were graduates of the Castleway Academy. Each swore their allegiance to the United States and the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights. They dedicated their lives, and the resources of the Academy, towards preserving democracy and protecting the individual rights guaranteed to all citizens under the U.S. Constitution. Americans were apathetic and permitted the government to compromise guaranteed rights by allowing the government, in the name of Homeland Security, to erode such simple things as privacy, gun rights, speech and assembly all for the greater good of the ruling political elite under the auspices of national security. Jeff and Ann create a random encryption interface which reencrypted data every second preventing unlawful spying by the NSA and drones. To awaken Americans, Jeff and Ann produced historically accurate video programs covering the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. As citizens awakened, the political elite became the targets of questions and demands that individual rights be restored and the Constitution followed. The government, through Homeland Security retaliated and arrested Jeff as a domestic terrorist for producing the educational videos that enticed social disobedience in the name of liberty and freedom. The battle for liberty was reborn.

New Beginnings is the first book in a trilogy that addresses government overreach, lack of transparency and the desire to stop fourth amendment violations by disabling drones and shutting down the NSA data collector.


James Gauthier is a licensed attorney. He is concerned that individual rights are being eroded by an ever expanding federal government that disregards the Constitution and justifies its conduct under the auspices of Homeland Security. The lack of accountability and transparency only serves to shield the conduct of our elected representatives.


George Washington acknowledged that American youth needed education in the ‘science of government’. In a republic, what knowledge could be more important than communicating knowledge to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of our country.

“When the Government no longer represents the will of the people and such actions and conduct of our elected representatives diminishes our Constitutional rights, freedoms and liberty, then it is time for civil discourse and when necessary, civil disobedience, including recalling those elected representatives that have broken the trust of the people.” James Gauthier JD

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