My Burmese Cookbook
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This is a book about the wonderfully rich and vibrant cuisine of Myanmar. Myanmar has recently opened up to the world but very little is known about its cuisine. Although the country is situated between China, Bangladesh, India and Thailand, its cuisine is subtly different but yet has influences from all those countries.
The recipes in my book are written for both beginners and experienced cooks alike with clear instructions. The book provides measurements in metric system and recipes are easy to follow.
My Cookbook Part 1 and 2 are one of those rare books with recipes on much-loved Myanmar cuisine. They will give you great happiness and enjoyment among families and friends for years to come.


Myint Myint Soe was born in Myanmar formerly known as Burma and immigrated to England in 1977. She settled down with her family ever since. She is currently living in London after retiring from her job as a doctor. She is a passionate and acclaimed cook and can produced sensational thought provoking dishes to give you a lasting impression on Myanmar cuisine.

Exhibited At: International book fairs