The Forest Tournament
Published December 2014
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A family of mice engage in the festivities of the annual Forest Tournament at a very secret location deep in the forest.
Based around three characters Big Grandad and his two young grandsons (Leo and Ben). The trio embark on an great adventure.
They are all entered into a various events, pitching themselves against different animal competitors.
All the events will have the reader enthralled. Twists and turns along the way. A wonderful interval show involving a flock of starlings. The final event of the day includes competitors and supporters competing in a tug-o-war across a river, again with a twist.
Illustrations included wonderfully created by Susan Newman


Born Blackburn England. Living with Fiancé in Gosport Hampshire England. 56 years old. Working at present in a shift controller position for Thames water utilities.
Served in the Royal Navy for 23 years
I have three children Stefanie, Garry and Daniel and three grandchildren Leo Ben and Leah (Born Dec 2014)
I am presently working on a novel and I have almost finished a series of five short stories (Not children's fiction)


The story takes the family on a wonderfully exciting Journey. Events include 'The flying obstacle race' 'The speed flying race' (including some of the worlds fastest birds and insects).'The tree climbing race' (including a very special competitor) 'The twig relay' and the Tug-o-war finale. Not forgetting the spectacular starling fliers display team.

Exhibited At: International book fairs