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Bottom Drawer by David Boyd from D.K.R. Boyd

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  • Young Adult Trilogy Book 2
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    Wonderdog Press
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    Digital (delivered electronically)
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    USD 5.99

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  • D.K.R. Boyd
D.K.R. Boyd

Offered By D.K.R. Boyd

David Boyd (also, D.K.R. Boyd; also, David Collins) is an award-winning Canadian author residing in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, who has published more than 25 books for children, young adults, and adults. Educated and raised in St. Stephen, he attended Mount Allison University in Sackville, becomin...

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Fifteen-year-old MacKenzie Kuper finds relief from his troubled relationship with his stepfather via the Internet. "MacKid," as he calls himself, meets "2Cool" in cyberspace, and the two quickly become good friends. Unfortunately, events from the past and the present propel the boys into their own life-and-death situations. Told through a series of interviews, reports, letters, memos, and cyberchat, this book will keep readers enthralled as they follow Mac through his painful journey to maturity. Second in the trilogy which began with the award-winning Looking For A Hero.

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D.K.R. Boyd also writes as David Boyd and David Collins and has numerous books for children, young adults and adults in print and/or e-books. He lives in New Brunswick, Canada and is currently at work on Volume Three of The Reflecting Man, due in March 2017.

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Nominated for the Governor-General's Literary Award: Children's Text 1996
Nominated for the Blue Heron Award 1996
Canadian Children's Book Centre "Best Choice!"

• Review - The Globe & Mail
"Boyd unravels a psychological mystery of great complexity. It is a bravura performance that also encompasses numerous contemporary issues without ever becoming an 'issue' novel. The paradox of Bottom Drawer is that a novel with what seems like a case of attention-deficit disorder, a novel of bits and bytes, can move with such steadiness and grace towards its very satisfying resolution. As a novel, it is daring and deep. Bravo."

• Review - The Toronto Star
"...a powerful, sophisticated book..."