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Runner by David Boyd from D.K.R. Boyd

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    Wonderdog Press
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    Digital (delivered electronically)
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    USD 6
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    Mature content. Young adult fiction. Aimed toward film adaptation or television.

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  • D.K.R. Boyd
D.K.R. Boyd

Offered By D.K.R. Boyd

David Boyd (also, D.K.R. Boyd; also, David Collins) is an award-winning Canadian author residing in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, who has published more than 25 books for children, young adults, and adults. Educated and raised in St. Stephen, he attended Mount Allison University in Sackville, becomin...

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Zaki is a long distance runner. But now he’s in the care of his psychiatrist who believes that his patient can only come to grips with the terrible events in which he was involved by writing about them. Slowly, reluctantly, Zaki begins to open up and examine his life, family, and friendships…especially his relationship with Deon. Zaki’s journal is a fascinating account of adolescent friendships, the struggle for individuality, and tragic loss.

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D.K.R. Boyd also writes as David Boyd and David Collins and has numerous books for children, young adults and adults in print and/or e-books. He lives in New Brunswick, Canada and is currently at work on Volume Three of The Reflecting Man, due in March 2017.