Albert and the Plague of Miracles
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Albert didn?t expect to die so soon. Heaven was not expecting him either. Mistakes don?t happen in heaven?or do they? Chosen in error as the youngest elite angel ever, Albert must learn the art and science of becoming an angel. If this wasn?t difficult enough, he and his friends discover a deadly earthly plot that is aided from within heaven itself. Going to the authorities is out of the question without evidence and with powerful heavenly adversaries. Can anything be done to save lives on earth? Albert and three friends struggle with the demands of the college and the need to prevent the plot from succeeding. On earth, ruthless plotters continue to work on what they consider to be an unstoppable series of atrocities, helped by allies in heaven who are driven by the need for revenge. Albert and his friends are losing the battle; they will not succeed without help. Many people on earth will surely die!