Paranormal Fright
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This book is written for all those interested in the Paranormal. This book will explain in detail all the aspects of spirits, orbs and ghosts. We should all have an understanding of these topics. I will explain what happens to the soul after death. We do live on! So, let?s begin the journey to get acquainted on these topics. After reading the book, you will be informed and surprised as to what happens after death! We can all return to see our love ones!


Diana Formisano Willett lived in New York City most of her life. She attended Bernard Baruch College of the City University of New York and majored in business administration. She received her degree in 1974. Diana moved to Connecticut in 1978, when she got married. She now resides in East Haven, Connecticut, and has worked at Yale?New Haven Hospital for the past thirty years. Diana?s first book, You Can?t Control the Soul, is available on the Internet.