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Cookies For Dummies by Carole Bloom, CCP from Wiley

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    Paperback / softback
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    USD 19.99
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    September 29, 2001
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    233.70 mm
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    189.5 mm
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    20.299 mm
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    19.04 oz

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Have you ever opened a box of store-bought cookies and after the first dry bite, wished you were eating a warm, fresh baked one instead? Even store-bought cookies that claim to taste homemade really can’t compare to the real thing. Well, cookie lovers, thanks to baker Carole Bloom, you can have the real thing—any time and any day of the week.

With Cookies For Dummies, you’ll be whipping up platefuls of the most scrumptious cookies imaginable in absolutely no time. Think Very Rich Cakelike Brownies. Or Almond Butter Cookies. Or Chocolate Biscotti. And not only will the book’s nearly 200 recipes awaken the baker within, you’ll get foolproof tips on making any type of creation in cookiedom—from simple drop, rolled, and refrigerator cookies to the more challenging bar, sandwich, and filled cookies, and finally, the pressed, hand-formed, and molded cookies that’ll let you style eye-catching cookies that bear your unique signature. With help on every page, the book cues you in on:

Baking basics—such as choosing the right kitchen equipment and stocking up on essentialsFoolproof techniques for outstanding cookies, plus tips on troubleshooting baking mishapsDecorating with chocolate (with tips on piping, painting, and stenciling)Creating "slender’" versions of old favorites, while maintaining texture and boosting flavorDiscovering cookies from other culturesBaking for the holidays and making baking fun for kids

With a summary cheat sheet of baking essentials, helpful how-to illustrations, and humorous cartoons along the way, Cookies For Dummies will help you bake awe-inspiring homemade cookies that will have even the fanatical cookie lovers in your family clamoring for more.

Dislaimer :- Any grant of rights shall not apply to any text, illustrations or supplemental material from other sources that may be incorporated in the original Work.

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How to Use This Book.

Conventions Used in This Book.

Foolish Assumptions.

How This Book Is Organized.

Part I: Ready, Set, Let's Bake Cookies.

Part II: Popular Types of Cookies.

Part III: Stylish Cookies.

Part IV: Shaping Up Your Cookies.

Part V: Cookies of Distinction.

Part VI: Dressing Up Your Cookies.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.


Web Site.

Icons Used in This Book.

Part I: Ready, Set, Let's Bake Cookies.

Chapter 1: How to Get Started as a Great Cookie Baker.

Chapter 2: The Cookie Baker's Toolbox.

Chapter 3: Ingredients for the Cookie Cupboard.

Chapter 4: Foolproof Techniques for Outstanding Cookies.

Part II: Popular Types of Cookies.

Chapter 5: Drop Cookies.

Chapter 6: Rolled Cookies.

Chapter 7: Refrigerator Cookies.

Part III: Stylish Cookies.

Chapter 8: Bar Cookies.

Chapter 9: Sandwich Cookies.

Chapter 10: Filled Cookies.

Part IV: Shaping Up Your Cookies.

Chapter 11: Pressed Cookies.

Chapter 12: Hand-Formed Cookies.

Chapter 13: Molded Cookies.

Part V: Cookies of Distinction.

Chapter 14: International Specialties.

Chapter 15: Cookies to Celebrate the Holidays.

Chapter 16: Chocolate Indulgences.

Chapter 17: Big Cookies.

Chapter 18: Cookies Are for Kids.

Chapter 19: Slender Cookies.

Part VI: Dressing Up Your Cookies.

Chapter 20: Chocolate Embellishments.

Chapter 21: Decoration Sensations.

Part VII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Troubleshooting Tips.

Chapter 23: Ten Tips for Storing and Transporting Your Cookies.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: Sources for Ingredients and Equipment.

Appendix C: Metric Conversion Guide.


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Carole Bloom, CCP, is a baking instructor, spokesperson, and the author of six cookbooks. She has written for Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and Chocolatier and has appeared on The Today Show and ABC News.