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FULL CIRCLE by Sheila Berry and Doug Berry from Sheila Berry

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  • How a Veteran Cop was Sentenced to Life in Prison for Crimes That Never Happened

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  • Sheila Berry
Sheila Berry

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My husband, Doug and I are founders of Truth in Justice, an educational nonprofit concerned with wrongful convictions. The organization's website ( is a resource for all aspects of the subject, and receives approximately 250,000 unique visitors per year. Full Circle is our s...

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Full Circle (86,000 words) is the story of veteran Green Bay, Wisconsin cop John Maloney. John never thought he could become the target of the justice system in which he placed so much faith. When his estranged, addicted wife, Sandy, was found dead in her fire-damaged home, John learned how swiftly he could be convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Special prosecutor Joe Paulus could work a jury like a preacher at a tent revival. John's defense attorney, Gerald Boyle, had his eye on the prize, a movie about the case in which he was the hero. John's much-younger girlfriend, Tracy Hellenbrand, provided the titillation factor. No one challenged the forensic experts who said Sandy was probably strangled and that vodka was used to set the fire. John's conviction was, as the prosecutor bragged, "a slam dunk." But had any crimes actually been committed?