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Wine All-in-One For Dummies by Ed McCarthy from Wiley

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    Paperback / softback
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    USD 29.99
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    August 31, 2009
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    233.70 mm
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An all-inclusive, easy-to-use primer to all things wine

Want to learn about wine, but don't know where to start? Wine All-In-One For Dummies provides comprehensive information about the basics of wine in one easy-to-understand volume. Combining the bestselling Wine For Dummies with our regional and specific wine titles, this book gives you the guidance you need to understand, purchase, drink and enjoy wine.

You'll start at the beginning as you discover how wine is made. From there you'll explore grape varieties and vineyards, read labels and wine lists, and discover all the nuances of tasting wine. You'll see how to successfully store wine and serve it to your guests-and even build up an impressive collection of wine. Plus, you'll find suggestions for perfect food pairings and complete coverage on wines from around the world.

Features wine tasting, serving, storing, collecting, and buying tips, all in a single authoritative volumeIncludes information on California wines, as well as other domestic and foreign locations including the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina.Helps you choose the best vintage for your needsAlso covers champagne, sherry, and port wineEd McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan are the authors of seven Dummies books on wine including the bestselling Wine For Dummies, 4th Edition, other contributing authors are recognized wine experts and journalists in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada

Whether you're a wine novice or a budding sommelier, Wine All-In-One For Dummies is the one guide you need on your shelf to make your wine experience complete.

Dislaimer :- Any grant of rights shall not apply to any text, illustrations or supplemental material from other sources that may be incorporated in the original Work.

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Introduction 1

Book I: Understanding Wine 7

Chapter 1: From Vine to Bottle: The Hows and Wines 9

Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with Wine Tastes and Names 25

Chapter 3: Buying Wine 41

Chapter 4: Getting the Cork Out (And All That Comes After): Serving Wine 57

Chapter 5: For Slurps and Gurgles: Tasting and Describing Wine 73

Chapter 6: Pairing Food and Wine 87

Chapter 7: Ordering Wine When You’re Dining Out 93

Chapter 8: The Urge to Own: Collecting Wine 105

Book II: France: A Wine Superstar 119

Chapter 1: French Wine Today 121

Chapter 2: Exploring Bordeaux’s Range 137

Chapter 3: Burgundy, Queen of France 163

Chapter 4: Beaujolais, the Fun Red 185

Chapter 5: Robust Rhône Reds and Unique Whites 193

Chapter 6: Champagne: The World’s Greatest Sparkling Wine 213

Chapter 7: Other Wine Regions of France 231

Book III: Italy: Small but Mighty 259

Chapter 1: The Big Picture of Italian Wine 261

Chapter 2: Perusing Piedmont’s Wines 275

Chapter 3: Finding Sparkling Wines and More in North-Central Italy 303

Chapter 4: Northeastern Italy: Where Whites Rule 317

Chapter 5: Tuscany: Checking Out Chianti and Other Tuscan Reds 341

Chapter 6: Getting Acquainted with Central Italy’s Wines 361

Chapter 7: Southern Italy: “The Land of Wine” 379

Chapter 8: Sicily and Sardinia: Focusing on Quality 397

Book IV: California and Elsewhere in North America 411

Chapter 1: Introducing California Wines 413

Chapter 2: California’s Major Wine Regions: An Overview 421

Chapter 3: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sparkling Wines 443

Chapter 4: California’s Standout Red Wines 461

Chapter 5: Major Wine Regions in the Rest of North America 495

Book V: Australia and New Zealand: Powerhouses of the Southern Hemisphere 507

Chapter 1: Australian and New Zealand Wines: A Success Story 509

Chapter 2: New South Wales: Home to Established Wineries and Upstarts 515

Chapter 3: Taking In the Diverse Range of Wines from Victoria and Tasmania 527

Chapter 4: The Wine Regions of South and South West Australia 549

Chapter 5: New Zealand’s Islands and Their Wines 573

Book VI: And More Wine Regions! 585

Chapter 1: Intriguing Wines from Old Spain 587

Chapter 2: Portugal: Port Wine and Beyond 601

Chapter 3: Finding Little-Known Treasures in Greece 611

Chapter 4: A Sampling of Wines from Germany, Austria, and Hungary 615

Chapter 5: From South America to South Africa: Rounding Out the Top Wine Nations 625

Index 635

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Ed McCarthy, CWE, is a wine columnist for and for Beverage Media.

Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW, is President of the International Wine Center in New York.

Maryann Egan is the wine writer for donna hay magazine, a leading food magazine in Australia, and is a regular contributor to the Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine.