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What's Cooking in Chemistry? from Wiley

Sub Title

  • How Leading Chemists Succeed in the Kitchen
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  • Editor:
    Hubertus P. Bell, Tim Feuerstein, Carlos E. Güntner, Sören Hölsken, Jan Klaas Lohmann
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  • Binding Type:
    Paperback / softback
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  • Price:
    USD 20.95
  • Publication Date:
    June 22, 2009
  • No. of Page:
  • Height:
    241.29 mm
  • Width:
    170.2 mm
  • Length:
    20.299 mm
  • Weight:
    17.12 oz

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Looking for future employment as a postdoc? Or desperately looking for the perfect present for a chemist friend? Maybe you simply enjoy cooking and reading about current developments in chemistry research?

The first Who's Who in organic chemistry to show what top scientists like to cook - on the bench and on the stove - and how they have made their way. Use K. C. Nicolaou's recipe for fish and chips and read about his scientific work while preparing the meal that helped him finance his studies back in England. Containing more than 50 personal recipes and anecdotes from leading organic chemists, such as Lonely soup (Evans), Wild boar - Tuscan way (Waldmann), and Dulce de Leche (Vollhardt), accompanied by biographies and sketches of their current work, this is an exquisite delicacy for anybody who likes cooking, eating and chemistry.

Dislaimer :- Any grant of rights shall not apply to any text, illustrations or supplemental material from other sources that may be incorporated in the original Work.

  • Original Language

Martin Banwell: Marinade for BBQ Kangaroo
Robert G. Bergman: Potato Latkes (Potato Pancakes)
Dale L. Boger: Cannoli Shells
Carsten Bolm: Kaiserschmarren
Ronald Breslow: Veal and Sausage Stew
Reinhard Br?ckner: Pears, Beans and Bacon
Gianfranco Cainelli: Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
Erick M. Carreira: Black Bean Soup
Armin de Meijere: Spaghetti con 'Schluntz'
Scott E. Denmark: Scott's Fondue
Ulf Diederichsen: Green Eel ? la Marie with Dill Dip
Alessandro Dondoni: Wild Duck in Olive Oil;
Maccheroni con salm? di lepre alla Mantovana
Dieter Enders: Chicken ? la Maritje
David A. Evans: Brunswick Stew (Lonely Soup)
Marye Anne Fox: Carolina Dirt Cake
Burchard Franck: Labskaus
Robin L. Garell, Kendall N. Houk: Ahi Tuna Sashimi Napoleon
Cesare Gennari: Domino Cake
Robert H. Grubbs: Pecan Pie
John F. Hartwig: Sorrel Soup;
Variant of Ni?oise Salad
Clayton H. Heathcock: Texas Chili
Wolfgang A. Herrmann: Filled Trout
Donald Hilvert: Pasta with Artichoke Cream Alessandro
Reinhard W. Hoffmann: Lamb Fillets
Dieter Hoppe: Sweet and Sour Mushroom Salad
Hiriyakkanavar Ila: Chicken Curry
Karl Anker J?rgensen: A Crustacean Catastrophe;
Tenderloin of Wild Boar;
The Royal M&M Almond Cake
Alan R. Katritzky: Sauerkraut Salad
Horst Kessler: Red Gritz
Horst Kunz: Arzgebirg'sche Schusterklie?
Richard C. Larock: Chili Crock Pot
Steven V. Ley: Ley's Low-Calorie, Chemical-Free Risotto?
Lewis N. Mander: Chicken Dijonnais
Johann Mulzer: Powidltatschkerl
Ei-ichi Negishi: Goma-ae, Goma-yogoshi
Kyriakos C. Nicolaou: Fish & Chips
Leo A. Paquette: Paquette's Favourite Lasagna
Manfred T. Reetz: Herb Sauce Frankfurt Style
Daniel H. Rich: Ciappino
Herbert W. Roesky: The 1:1:1 Mix
Gyula Schneider: Tiszai hal?szl?
Lawrence T. Scott: Fruitcake
Victor Snieckus: Cold Beetroot Soup
Martin Suhm: Fish Souffl? Clausius-Clapeyron
Marcello Tiecco: Tagliatelle with Bologna-style Meat Sauce
Lutz F. Tietze: Pork Roulades with Cheese
Claudio Trombini: Lasagne Verdi
Rocco Ungaro: Pasta al Forno Southern Italy Style
Edwin Vedejs: Pat Anderson-Vedejs' Wisconsin Linzer Torte
K. Peter C. Vollhardt: Dulce de Leche
Herbert Waldmann: Cinghiale in Dolce e Forte
Ekkehard Winterfeldt: One-pot Fish Soup
Peter Wipf: Lemon-Kiwi Pie
Yoshinori Yamamoto: Tofu Tempura
Axel Zeeck: Filled Peppers ? la Benjamin

  • Original Language

On occasion of the 60th birthday of Professor Lutz Friedjan Tietze his coworkers in the Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry at the University of G?ttingen dedicated this cookbook to him. It collects the favorite recipes of more than fifty well-known chemists.

  • Original Language

"Now at last we have the evidence...of what people in the scientific community have long known: creative chemists are successful not only at the bench but also at the kitchen stove. After all, cooking too is an experimental science!
To put in practice the idea of taking a peek into the cooking pots of one's colleagues is something that has long been overdue. It has now become a reality, thanks to collegues of Lutz Tietze in G?ttingen on the occasion of his 60th birthday...the result is a very interesting "mixtura mirabilis"...
"What's Cooking in Chemistry" is, of course, neither a chemistry textbook nor a book for the kitchen, nor is it intended to be either. But it is a charming, very personal, collection of "favorite recipes" - mostly good plain fare - presented against the background of the contributors' scientific interests. Chemists will derive pleasure from giving this carefully edited book (which has a good index) to friends and collegues in the scientific community, and thereby also giving pleasure to them.
One should also have a copy in one's own bookshelves, as this charming book may encourage one's acquaintances to look more kindly on a profession that tends to be subconsciously identified with poisons and environmental damage.
Guten Appetit, buon appetito, and enjoy your meal!"
Prof. Gottfried M?rkl
Universit?t Regensburg

"...In summary, a novel, well written and carefully presented book. Quite aside from its obvious use as a source of valuable biographic, scientific and culinary information and providing additional criteria for the selection of interesting places to do a post-doc or sabbatical, its reasonable price make book just the gift for that hard to please scientist on your list."
The Alchemist - The ChemWeb Magazine

"This is a cookbook, and one that is both serious and fun. The serious part comes from the scientific sketches of 56 professors from around the world who provide an overview of their research as well as their favorite recipes. Some of these recipes are very good, and readers will delight in preparing them. Even people who are not handy in the kitchen will like this book because it?s fun to read the sometimes amusing commentare by the authors, who provide background on the origins of the recipes or the regions where the dishes are traditionally served.
I would recommend this book for the serious chemists and cooks in your life. Its a great gift for any occasion. Nonchemists may even learn some serious chemistry from the sketches for each other."
C&EN: Books . Aout of the Pan and into the fire

"...recommend this book for the serious chemist and cooks in your life...a great gift for any occasion..."
Chemical and Engineering News, Vol 82(04) Jan 2004

"This book should be enjoyed by those who like to read while they are cooking, or cook while they are reading. It helps to show that even famous chemists are real people who have lives outside the laboratory, appreciate the good things of life, and have highly tuned taste buds.
I would recommend a meal consisting of the Erick Carreira starter, followed by a main course from Reinhard Hoffmann, before finishing up with Peter Wipf's dessert. Bon appetit!"
Chemistry World

"... a welcome addition to the genre (of the science of cooking) and we recommend it..."
The Chemical Educator