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"About the author Maggie Anderson is the youngest of two daughters born to parents who shared a Swedish heritage. The Anderson family was a close-knit one, grounded in their Christian faith. Childhood was carefree for the two girls. It wasn?t until Maggie was in high school that her untroubled youth met reality. Her parents decided they could no longer remain a couple, and the family was fractured. The wounds were not life-threatening. Maggie and Karen soon learned that life goes on and were able to maintain loving relationships with both parents, though separately. Maggie learned the importance of making the most of the time you have after losing her father, who was only fifty-five years of age. Maggie and Karen began taking weekend trips and, after a few, began including their mother on these excursions. Eventually, the trips expanded in length and distance from home. They enjoyed thirty years of adventures."