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William Bengtsson is the pen name of Bill Widell. He has recently published his first novel, The Costa, and is currently working on his second. The Costa introduces Bric Carlson, an ex SAS soldier and trouble shooter, working for an international insurance brokerage. When his wife is tragically killed, Carlson moves to the south of Spain to begin a new life. He soon finds himself caught up in a power struggle between two criminal gangs involved in the drug trade. The author was born in Tanzania, East Africa, to a Swedish father who had moves there in 1930, at the age of seventeen. His mother was a Polish refugee who, together with her parents and bother, had escaped the horrors of the Nazi invasion of Poland. Arriving to East Africa under the guidance of the British Government, Krystyna met the eleven years older Proffessional hunter, Bengt Widell in Kenya. The couple married and produced two sons, of which William was the youngest. The two brothers were sent to an Irish Catholic boarding school in Nairobi, a school housing almost a thousand pupils. Here the boys were introduced into a new world of heirarchy, discipline and corporal punishment. At the same time, they excelled in sports, both becoming boxing champions and recieving colours for various other activities. Graduating with Cambridge 'A' levels, the brothers moved to Sweden to complete their compulsary military service. William (Bill), supported himself as a singer and musician while studying advertising and communication in Stockholm, and then travelled around the world for a few years together with a South African friend and guitar player. This developed into a life-long friendship and love of music. The urge to write began at an early age, infuenced by authors such as Hemingway, Ruark and Maugham, but lacking confidence, Bill only wrote only short descriptions and ideas, showing them to no-one. Living in the south of Spain and running a Bar, Bill experianced many situations which began to develop into the idea for his first book, The Costa. His interest in Rugby and Boxing led him into the world of Martial Arts, and Budo Taijutsu - more commonly known as Nin-jutsu, which he has practiced for many years. He is now married for the second time and has two grown children. He lives in the country, near Stockholm, in Sweden.
I would like to find a publisher that would be interested in publishing and distributing my book worldwide. I honestly believe that it will sell very well, and also that the sequel, which I am currently writing, is destined for the bestseller list. I am looking for an agent to help and advise me, to negotiate contracts and to represent and help me in legal matters.