Beverly Ann/steve Carinus

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Beverly  Carinus together with her husband Steve Pilkington-Williams write an amusing and unusual  glimpse into living with and coping with Steve?s  inoperable brain tumour. This book is not about the tragedy of the tumour rather it?s about the fight and survival for life and love and shared laughter. It?s a love story about two people who lives ran in parallel lines, each seeking that someone who was missing from their lives. Yet once they had experienced the joy of finding each other; fate threw a tragic twist their way. In 2004 Steve was moving from Dubai to start a new and exciting phase of his life in Singapore and asked Bev to join him. A few months later he fell ill and was diagnosed with an inoperable left based glomus brain-stem tumour. This story is about their love, Steve?s tumour and his determination to live. They were starting their life together and turned what should have been an ending into an exciting new beginning.  Steve and Beverly were together in a strange country and coping with issues that most couples don?t have to deal with in a lifetime. It only made their love stronger. Together they bring to life a multitude of wonderful characters and give intimate glimpses into the lives of people around them. They both write straight from the heart. Steve contributes frankly on what is like to live and cope with a tumour and all the surrounding issues. Steve and Beverly continue to live in Singapore where they have established www.rebuildconfidence.webs.com to bring awareness to the plight of children in Asia.