Behzad Almasi

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He was born in January 22, 1973. He was the youngest child among four sisters and four brothers. When he was nine years old, his oldest brother was killed in a war, and this was the reason for him to understand the meaning of death and pain. He learnt the mean of kindness and truth and helping other people by his lovely mother. He found that the best way to help other people is through education and teaching them. After graduating in a university in natural science and English translating course, he started his job as a teacher in secondary schools in very far villages in Iran. He always had a sense that just learning to his students is not enough, and he should do something for all the people in the world, and this was his reason for writing the book. At last, after more than eight years of writing, his first book (Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween) was finished. He believes that this book is the essence of eight years of thinking of a teacher who desires the best for all the people in the world.
I m interesting to find publishers all around the world to publish my books in different languages.