Beckry Abdel-Magid

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"Dr. Conradin Perner has worked as a professor of French literature; as an ICRC delegate in Asia, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Africa; and as a commander of peacekeeping forces in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. After fifteen years of ethnographic research on a little-known people in the east of South Sudan, he worked as a humanitarian agent and adviser for the ICRC, UNICEF, and UNESCO and eventually as a senior peace adviser for the Swiss government in South Sudan. Dr. Perner published books and articles in the field of literature, language, ethnology, human rights, culture, and peace building (as founder of the Gurtong website). In 2011, he was given an honorary citizenship of South Sudan in recognition of his humanitarian and cultural work, namely for the role he played in the epic rescue of the so-called Lost Boys. In 2013, he received an award from the Human Rights Commission in Austin, Minnesota, United States."