Bahram Bahramian

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"B. Bahramian graduated from the University of Birmingham, England with a B.S. & Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, and later from the University of Dayton, Ohio with M.A. in Political Economics (major in Business Administration). As an associate professor of Engineering, he served the academic circles of University of Dayton, and University of Cincinnati in Ohio for many years. Early in the 1970?s, B. Bahramian served as Director of an academic development program at the University of Dayton, Ohio and as a designated Vice Chancellor for Tehran Polytechnic Institute in Iran, to implement an affiliation program between the two institutes, with cooperation and funding of the United Nations. Between 1973 to 1978, he structured and established Building & Housing Research Center, and National Science & Research Center for Iran. Between 1972 and 1979, he also served as a negotiator between late Shah of Iran and his major political opposition group to design a path for a peaceful transition of power to a more democratic form of governance, prior to 1979 revolution. After the revolution, Mr. Bahramian served under the new Prime Minister, in charge of development & industrial planning for the country in the transition government of Mr. Bazargan. During the hostage crisis of 1979, he served as a negotiator with the U.S. Government in an attempt to resolve the crisis. Since early 1980, Mr. Bahramian has resided in the United States, engaged in his profession as systems designer and program manager in different industries. Since 2005, he has served as a Director & Professor at the University of Maryland, where he is teaching Technology Management and International Affairs courses at the graduate schools. He has also been involved in the planning and implementation of business and economic development programs in Russia and China since early 1990s, with great interest in implementing technology and education as the backbone of industrial developments for advancing societies to prosper under democratic form of governance. On the professional side, as the founder and Chairman of Center for Technology Management, Inc., Mr. Bahramian has been engaged in the design and development of a few high-tech and Energy Saving products in the U.S., and received U.S. Patents on a few products."