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The April Publishing House, which has been founded in 2005 by three young men whose friendship dates to their days in TED Ankara College, derives its name from the word "april" used in Anatolia in particular to express the time of the arrival of the spring season. From the first book it published in 2006 January, April Books has published eighty in total up to this day. April Publishing House, which has determined "quality" as its one and only goal in every aspect of its books from their contents to covers, persists with a daily increasing commitment in its efforts to fulfill what is incumbent upon it in terms of providing the publishing sector of our country with the freshness it needs. We are the Turkish language publisher of CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN by John Perkins, CLUB BILDERBERG by Daniel Estulin, BLACKWATER by Jeremy Scahill, HYPNOTIZING MARIA by Richard Bach as well as 20 other bestselling authors from Mary Higgins Clark, Jodi Picoult to John Grogan. We are also the option publisher of Federico Moccia. As the Editor of April, just one of my aims has always been, to try and have a positive impact on other publishers here in Turkey, be it related to publishing ethics, choosing just the right works to be published, and just any other matters related thereto. And in addition, any and all other editors abroad, with whom I have had the pleasure to work with thus far, are all highly recognized, esteemed individuals.
Interested in selling rights for our Turkish authors namely Bedia Ceylan Guzelce, Melida Tuzunoglu, Ihsan Kaplan, Ahmethan Yilmaz and Murat Mentes.


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