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I am an author/publisher. I have authored and published 6 books, all non-fiction --- one book about Black owned commercial banks, t books about train travel, and 3 books about cancer and diet. My current focus is concerened almost exclusively with marketing my two most recent books which are about cancer and diet.
I am looking for things I can do to get the word out about my latest book, "Cancer's Best Medicine -- A Self-Help and Wellness Guide", second edition. This book is a quick read, just 64 pages; but those 64 pages are jam packed with helpful information for readers who wish to prevent and overcome cancer by making changes to their diet and lifestyle. I sell the regular book for $9, and the e-book in the form of a pdf file for $7. If more people would heed the information in this book there would be a significantly reduced incidence of cancer in our country. See my website, www.cancernomore.com. I very much want to make this book known to readers who desire to take greater responsibility for their health and wellness.


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