My first book will be at Miami Beach, FL, Trade show this weekend 14-16th May at booth 1214. Enjoy!

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Anita Lamb writes true farm animal stories for children, that people of all ages enjoy. The stories are all written about encounters with the animals on their hill country sheep and beef farm in New Zealand. Kirikus quotes Anita's first book as being " A charming, high-action farm story sure to be a hit with budding animal rescuers". Anita's aim is to entertain, educate and inspire people of all ages with amazing animal anecdotes. Anita Lamb was born in Wollongong Australia in 1963 and now lives with her husband Dennis on a hill country sheep and beef farm in New Zealand. After leaving school, Anita completed an Honours degree in Organic Chemistry at Sydney University, followed by a Diploma of Education. She then worked in the Food Industry as a Quality Assurance Manager, and also taught mathematics part time at the Auckland University of Technology. Anita is now surrounded by the animals she loves. These include the animals in the true stories she writes about. She loves breeding heading dogs and horses. She has competed successfully in Endurance riding in New Zealand, winning National and North Island 100 kilometer titles as well as numerous other events. Ebony and The Man in the Big Blue Overalls is her first book and was inspired by her husband's rescue of a little black calf. Her second book is Split, Second and Romney and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls. She has six other book written, awaiting publication; and many ideas for more. All the stories are true, and come from living and working with animals every day on their farm. Her first book, Ebony and the Man in the Big Blue Overalls received high praise from Kirkus and Clarion Review gave it 4 stars out of 5.
Publishers for my other stories, and exposure for my current books. I want to sell my current books at outlets all over the world. I would also like movie or television producers to pick up the stories and adapt them for the movies or for a television series. Everyone loves animals, and my stories are all TRUE and about our farm animals that we work with every day.