I'll be attending Beijing International Book Fair 24 to 29 August 2016

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ANITA BACHA, a Barrister of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn and an Expert in Intercountry Adoption Expert, is a gifted inspirational writer and poet. She authored and published two books The Maker of Miracles (2006) where she gives an objective account of Spiritual Life and My Journey with God (2008),a true story about faith and self realisation before she published her collection of poems, verses and quotes 'Soul Poetry' in 2015. She is born in Mauritius. Her birth family having originated from India and a naturalised British, she is well acquainted with the cultures of Mauritius,India and Britain. Her writing reflects her closeness to the three states. She is married, the mother of four sons and the grandmother of five kiddos.
New opportunities to make my poetry book known to librarians,book sellers, poetry lovers,book readers, song writers, publishers,translators, book reviewers, film industry and others all over the world