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"Anees Akhtar M.Phil. (Microbiology) Lecturer, Tutor, Mentor. He is MSc in Botany, M.Phil. (Microbiology), and Post Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology from UK. He is working as a Neuroscience researcher. He is a well-known scholar, thinker, motivational speaker, and seminar leader. He has delivered many seminars and workshops in different universities and institutions in the UK and Pakistan. His work in Neuroscience, Metaphysics and Success-Philosophy is widely recognised and admired for its simplicity clarity. He possesses outstanding ability to transform minds from failure to success and from sickness to good health. He has written and published practical philosophical theories to support his ideas to achieve success in business and professional life. His methods of teaching and grounding his philosophy are simple, effective, easily understood and implemented. Contributing Author: Muhammad Nasim Khan PhD, PostDoc. USA Professor Dr. Nasim Khan has contributed his expertise and research work on Human Molecular Genetics/Genetics disorders and Degenerative Disorders in preparation of this manuscript. He has retired from UAJK, as Head of Department of Biotechnology. He has worked as honorary University professor at St. Cloud State University, USA. He has in excess of 25 published researched papers HEC Pakistan Journal and has more than 16 published research papers in the International Journal on Human Molecular Genetic and Neurodegenerative diseases. He will continue his research contributions in further publications in the near future."