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Andreas Lang is the successor company of Andy Lang Consult GmbH. Andy Lang is consultant, author and publisher. His new book is: "Grace and Truth in the 21st century - a Maskil; Declarations and answers that stood the test of time". EBook now available on www.andreaslang.ch. Printversion once 50 confirmed orders are placed. A small sole proprietorship based in Oberwil-Lieli AG, Switzerland. Management is carried out by Andy (Andreas) Lang.
prospective business/partnership interest (inclusion of titles in publishers/distributors subject catalogues, regional distribution); interest in translating the book into other major languages as per Vision on www.andreaslang.ch. Possible selling of rights to language translations/specific markets. The following Distribution_Rights (exclusive?) are on offer right now: Subject: Book: "Grace&Truth; in the 21st Century - a Maskil; Declarations and answers that stood the test of time" At present two versions envisionned: 1 Print/Softcover 2 EPub (published) I am looking for strong business partners interested in taking over following 1st priority markets as major distribution channels: a) USA b) Great Britain c) India d) China e) Africa Basic Terms & Conditions on offer (Business Model): - Annual firm and confirmed pre-order without right to return, payable up front before delivery or via Escrow Account: 5'000 copies per version per language per year. (Anyone interested in doing both versions, 2 x 2'500 (2'500 Print/2'500 EBook) will be considered equivalent). - for Exclusive distribution rights add GBP 5'000 per language per version per year up front. - Distribution specific ISBN from You for sale ONLY in your appointed area by you and even print in your preferred local company is possible (Print-Ready PDF is available). Base lump-sum conditions up front per version per language (5'000 p.a.) (if 2x2'500 only once): (above confirmed sales will be added on top) US as the first priority market is thus heavily discounted to encourage quick sale. Geographical area: Base CHF p.a. Base EUR/GBP p.a. Base GBP p.a. a) USA CHF 12'000.-- b) GB GBP 20'000.-- c) India GBP 20'000 d) China GBP 20'000 e) Africa GPB/(EUR) 20'000.-- Sales Price firm (binding) including area-specific VAT: Print Version: EPub: EUR 211.50 EUR 237.50 or or GBP 195.91 GBP 220.-- or or US$ 264.25 US$ 296.73 Purchase Conditions if above offer is accepted: 40% rebate on the net-VAT price, i.e. 60% net. Kick-back for stocking up orders (re-orders once your stock is sold) because of sales success: per 5'000 copies additionally ordered in relevant contractual year: 3%, caped at 10% max; credited to your next annual prolongation contract. Kick-Back is limited to year of contractual agreement and will re-start at zero once next annual renewal took place. I will take charge of the shipping to your central ware-house location (one per geographical region) unless you print straight in your area. You take care of the import formalities/possible custums duties, distribution and sales within your geographical area and geographical advertisment/distribution and geographical local VAT and Tax collection/payment on your cost/accounting system. Referrals: For each 500 referrals by me into your geographical area I take a commission of 10% of the net and fixed sales price as above. Referrals will be accrued and reported quarterly. Once 500 referrals are hit, payment of the sales commission is due 30 calendar days thereafter. Not reached referrals will be rolled over to the next contractual period. I offer the same rights vice-versa if you have such referrals from your geographical area into mine. Annual contractual agreement, once agreed and signed, is NOT open for re-negotiatons for 3 years. Should anyone be interested in starting a non-re-negotiable fixed 3-year contract from start, there will be a 5% Bonus on the first contractual year total net-payments. Should Pubmatch charge a commission in regards to any contract agreed, those costs will be split 50/50 between purchaser and seller. Anyone interested in purchasing any of these rights, please contact Andy Lang directly per EMail at [email protected] to kick-off the individual contract process. Lieu and jurisdiction of contractual agreement: Bremgarten (Switzerland) only.