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German by passport - Hawaiian by heart - based in Berlin. My life is my project and my project is my life. But it wasn't always like this. Up until a few years ago everything was grey and heavy - incuding myself. 2013 a trip to Hawaii changed my life for good. I self-published «ANASHA - The Journey begins» in Germany in December 2015 (original title: ANASHA - Die Reise beginnt). It tells the story of how the chubby business woman turned into the colorful free spirit that I am today. An interactive #hashtag-book about a long journey to oneself with odd encounters, magical moments and a touch of humor. ANASHA is based on a true story which shows that it always pays to follow your heart. What started out as "just a book", turned into an interactive life-project along the way, which I share with my readers on social media as well as in my column #TinyTravels on Blasting News. (Hash)Tag along: #ANASHA #TinyTravels #VeganVentures #KonaCoffeeGirl
I am mainly looking for agent representation to bring ANASHA to the English-speaking world (English translation is already done). Apart from that selling rights to other countries is also on my agenda as well as potentially finding a publisher for the German version, if it is a good fit.