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Amrish Shah Author, Screenwriter, Brain-science Coach Story is a Quest. No Mission No Story. No guts no glory. Amrish is a published author of Tiger Mates available on amazon.com worldwide, and a Blockbuster screenwriter of Don 2 starring Shahrukh Khan. He is currently signed up with Farhan Akhtar’s Excel Entertainment for writing the story of another film. He is also written three more novels, to be published and marketed in 2017, 2018, 2019. Likewise, Tiger Mates (the novel) is featured at the world biggest book fairs (2017) and being pitched to Bollywood Studios, Producers, Directors to be adapted into a film. He is also writing TV shows for major networks. Amrish also consults to Producers / Studios / Networks, on story and content. He is a member of the prestigious community of USA- Leaders Excellence Harvard Square. Amrish is a Brain-science Coach by practice and has graduated from the Neuroscience Academy (Australia). He is mentored by Dr. Sarah Mckay, a neuroscientist with a PHD from Oxford. Amrish induces brain efficacy, mind power and wellness in high achievers, experts, professionals, and cognitively impaired individuals. www.supermind.world You can escape the world, can you escape the truth?
Publisher, Agents, Film, TV Network Producer, Studio Heads, Story scouts.