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Sydney-based Altaire Productions And Publications is an independent arts company. It began as Studio Altaire, a Montreal art space founded by Marie Slaight and Terrence Tasker, in the early 80’s, which staged theatre productions, art exhibits, poetry readings, late night jazz and more. Altaire has been involved in creative consulting and producing for independent New Orleans music and co-produced such films as the award-winning documentary Bury the Hatchet, , Anna and Modern Day Slavery and Kindred. Altaire is currently publishing The Antigone Poems,a collection of poetry and art, The Altaire Resource Manuals, for independent publishers and filmmakers, created from the overwhelming amount of research compiled during book and film production, and Go Gently, a collection of noir short stories.
Translations, foreign rights, international distributors. International authors of short stories for a crime anthology.