Adela Gibson

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Ms. Gibson would like to share a unique vision with the world. As a toddler living with her grandmother in Latin America, they often visited her granduncles, James and Edwin. Uncle Edwin was a fun man that would bring cookies and ice cream. He loved to tell jokes and laughed easily. Uncle Jim was a quiet more serious man. Uncle Jim was just as sharp mentally as he was in his appearance. She went with him as he chopped sugar cane in the farm area behind his house, he wore khaki pants with starched creases, a matching military style shirt with suspenders and a wide brimmed khaki hat. He was a kind and gentle man who made sure she got first choice from the crop. In the evenings, he would sit at his writing desk with the carved out place for the fountain pen and jar of ink he used. He would dip the pen into the jar and write letters to his family still in Jamaica. His penmanship was beautiful. It was then that her fascination with writing began. He would let her dip the pen into the jar of ink and scribble what ever she wanted. The author notes: ?It filled me with so much joy as a child to watch the lines appear on the page like magic. I am sure others have experienced this, but for me, the joy and magic has never left.?
A venue to share my expressions.