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Whether it’s writing a book, writing and recording music, producing a film or painting a picture; nothing feeds the soul like creating something. That’s what we do. We create, and help others to create. Adducent is a publisher involved in book and intellectual property development. We find, develop, write and publish stories with strong and positive messages that are entertaining, enlightening, informative and enjoyable to read. We publish established authors, writers and professionals but also work with first-time authors who come to us because of our reputation for turning quality manuscripts into a published reality for those that might have been ignored or under-served by other publishers. We believe in the opportunities presented by making our titles available as ebooks but also believe that printed books are not going away any time soon. Our infrastructure has been developed from the ground up to cover the old and the new when it comes to publishing. Our business philosophy is to work with authors, treat them with respect and provide more favorable rights retention and better royalty rates than what is available from other publishing houses. As a book developer we also have writing and ghostwriting talent to develop any concept or premise into a professional manuscript for publication.
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