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Adam Ahmed, or Adam Darfur, as some friends call him, was born in the village of Dissa, 170 kilometers from El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur. Like many Darfuris, he does not know exactly when he was born. He, like many of his countrymen, was forced to leave his home in 2004, when the Janjweed killed more than five hundred thousand people and forced more than two and half million to live in IDP (internally displaced person) camps and refugees outside their home country. Adam wrote his book to tell the world about what happened in Darfur and the continuing crisis there. He is currently studying to be a social worker at Walden University and plans to work with displaced refugee women and children once he receives his degree. He hopes to visit Rwanda one day to learn from them and understand how they overcome their own conflict.
I hope that Pubmatch is the right place that I can share my idea through my books with the other authors and fans.