First book in new series wins an award!

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Vickianne Caswell grew up in the city with a great love for animals.She now lives on an acreage with her husband and daughter, both whom love animals as much as she does. As the years progressed, Freckles passed away and her daughter began to have new experiences in school. Thus, Freckles the Bunny Series was created. The story's characters are all based on the author's real pets with the same unique personalities. Vickianne's goal was to share her love of Freckles while teaching morals at the same time. The books are written in a humorous way for parent and child to enjoy. The series has received many good reviews by the fans and each has won the Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review Award. Sherlock's Info: Website - http://Sherlock-the-Remarkable-Cat-Series.ca Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Sherlock.The.Remarkable.Cat.Series
Any publisher interested in taking on the series is welcome to contact me. I am not willing to pay for publishing, I am not in need of a new illustrator either. Thank you!